Friday, June 09, 2006

hiwayREBELS - The Bikers Club

Who are we?

We blaze through the highway all its lengths. We take every hair pin curve with a tight turn. We adore the serene nature. We are the men with hearts of steel. We are hiwayREBELS.

We are a bunch of like-minded and disciplined motor bikers who want to be away from the heck of the city and roam in solitude in a deep jungle or on a hill. Our passion for bikes and biking take us to a not so crowded or commercialized destination where we could be ourselves and enjoy the mother nature in its best.

How it all ignited?

February 11th 2006 the day the club was formed by two like-minded bikers Addi and me (huez). That time Addi’s bike was just 1 week old and was ready to climb Nandhi Hills! We geared our first step towards the highway and was a big leap for hiwayREBELS.

Soon Biru joined the gang for Bheemeshwari trip. We also had guest rebels Yogesh and Gowtham for the trip. Then Yogesh took the rebels for a trip to Kudremukha in a cab. That time kudremuka was too far for the just born hiwayREBELS to ride on bikes.

At this point we decided to christen our club. Addi, Biru and me brainstormed and came out with hiwayREBELS(though Addi is still in love with his suggested name, HiWAYBlazer). This was more appealing since it reflected the passion we have for biking. And that’s how the gang got a name.

Soon the rebels kept doing trips every other weekend to places like Yercaud, Yelagiri, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Kemmengundi, Agumbe... making the club strong.

These days the hiwayREBELS are in full swing now doing trips regularly and we anticipate our first anniversary!

hiwayREBELS at yahoo groups (Click Here)

-huez the biker