Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Custom Windshield for Pulsar 220 - Updated

Here is a DIY. For all the sports tourers using a p220 who wanted more protection from wind blast. I made this wind shield out of a transparant Poly-Carbonate sheet.

Custom windshield in use.

The sheet costed me RS 500 for a meter long sheet. I bought a 1.5 mm thickness sheet and cut it in the shape shown in below picture. I simply removed the old stock windshield and fitted the new one using the same bolts.

Custom windshield (left), Stock windshield (right)

If you are making one for your bike, try with a 2mm poly carbonate sheet, for a little more stiffnes of the shield. The height of the windshield would depend on the riders height.

Yeah, thats me.

My new shield has significantly reduced wind noise inside the helmet and reduced the need for crouching behind the windshield.

Updated 15th Feb 2013:
I have made a second version of the windshield which is couple of inches taller than the previous one. Also this one is little more vertical that the previous one.
Old one above and new taller one below

Oil filter or Oil strainer or Centrifugal filter cleaning - for Pulsar 220

Pulsar 220 owners would have always searched for a "oil filter" in their bike.Atleast I did. I opened the clutch cover or the primary cover to find out a "tea strainer" like filter! Thats all the oil filter thats there in Pulsars!

I have not cleaned my tea strainer, oops, Oil strainer for 10,000+ km. But it was very clean. So i just put it back. If yours was having some sluge just wash away with some keroscene and dry it off and put it back. If you notice any damage the strainer just get a new one and replace it.

DISCLAIMER! This DIY was safe and effective for me. I rode a 1000km to Kerala after I did this and I faced no problems But its no guarantee that it would work for your or bike.

Things you would need:
1. Ring spanners, bottle spanners
2. Primary cover gasket (if old one is damaged)
3 Oil strainer (if old one is damaged)
4. Engine oil. (For p220 dtsi its 1150 ml. Refer service manual for others.)

  1. Remove the engine oil by draining it from the drain hole on the left side of the bike.
  2. Remove primary or clutch cover (thats there on the silencer side of the bike)
  3. Locate the oil pump thats bolted by theree bolts as shown in the above picture.
  4. Remove those bolts marked as in the picture.
  5. The strainer will come out along with the pump
  6. The strainer is hold in place with a metal clip. Remove it.
  7. Now clean the strainer, if necessary.
  8. Put back the starainer to the oil pump fastening using the metal clip.
  9. Bolt the oil pump back, ensuring the yellow sprocket is fitting properly with the other sprocket(not visible in the picture above)
  10. Put back the primary cover. Change the gasket if needed. I change it every other time I open the primary cover.
  11. Put back the oil drain bolt back. Do not over tight the bolt.
  12. Now fill new engine oil.
Happy Fixing. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

3 days of adventure – Ride to Kakabe and Bisle Ghat - Day 3/3

It’s Days 3 and we have to end our ride by getting back to Bangalore. We set our alarms to blare at 5:30 am. As usual I didn’t hear it and Hubert did. He woke up and after 10 mins I did. Later we got ready and packed our stuff.

After packing we were moving out of the room and the hotel manager came and said I’m just going to turn on the geyser and you guys already took bath. I was amazed as even at that weather people use hot water for bathing! Anyways, we thanked him and paid the rent and started mounting the luggage’s on our bikes.

Then we checked GPS for the route and started our day 3 ride. This is again an amazing road. It’s merely a 2 lane road and the roads were really smooth and we were able to maintain decent speed.

We stopped now and then to check the map as there were roads splitting. Then we saw a bridge which and we thought we could off-road and go down near the water. But then it was too risky as it was very steep and dangerous.
Now its breakfast time and we were almost near Subrahmanya and thought about have it there. As we were on our way to Subrahmanya there were very less traffic and in a flash, vehicle, pedestrians were more. I was never aware that theirs is/are temple. So we stopped by at a small hotel like Sagar and we had our breakfast. It was so crowded that we had to stand and eat for a while. Once having a satisfactory breakfast we started rolling again after checking the route.
The road became amazing and we were blazing through. After like 5 km we stopped and wanted to check the map as we thought we will be doing village route. By checking we found we were perfectly going on the wrong side (to Mangalore). I thought okay why don’t we just ride in the same route and reach Mangalore and extend our ride. But duty calls, so we turned and started to do the village route.

Still the route was good and awesome. Lush green vegetation and the road was covered with leaves. The road is as small as the width of a Jeep. To overtake them they had to move left and slow down. And they did it too. Thanks to the driver.

Now we entered the Bisle Ghat Road and bang! There was no road. The road is completely messed up and we had to stand and ride to have extra shock observing thing.
Riding, riding, riding, riding, riding (don’t know how many “riding” to put as it took 3 hrs to cover 100 km) guys the worst is yet to come. But we enjoyed.

So we stopped as much as possible to take rest as we couldn’t move past 20 kmph. The whole Ghat section is about 23 kms and it looked like never ending road.  Again a stream was flowing and we stopped on the bridge and we clicked few pics. I went down and in few mins Hubert was about to come down and then went back. I heard some noise and got scared as if someone is mugging Hubert (I think it’s because of the water sound and couldn’t quite hear what’s happening up there). I went up and saw him talking to 6 or 7 guys who were also bikers without protection.

We spoke to them and a tractor guy came and he was explaining about the road. His job is to take a trailer loaded with stones for constructions on this completely damaged road every day. It takes him a day for him to deliver the stones and come back. It seemed it was regular for him to chat with strangers each day on this route. So guys, any time you take this route you might meet him, and he would be happy for a talk!

Hubert wanted to take a quick dip in the water but it was crowded by these guys. We waited, but they didn’t seem to leave. So we geared up and left expecting for one more stream. But we just crossed the last one.

We tried to take a snap like both standing on the pegs and riding, but 10 secs wasn’t enough. But this is what we got.

We were now heading to the view point. BTW, those guys have now over taken us. We reached the view point and those guys were already there. We took a video of the view point where you can see a 360° of the valley.
Now we started off again but the road became little better.  The roads were narrow and bad condition but there was no lorry traffic or such things common on a national highway. The roads were all for ourselves. In many sections of the roads, riding on the shoulders were more comfortable than riding on the road!

Our next stop was for lunch at a village called Mallipatna. A lady ran the hotel at her house itself. We had chicken curry and rice. After enjoyed yet another good lunch, we updated our Facebook friends about our whereabouts.

Today was a very relaxed ride all the way to Bangalore. We had a numerous stops for snacks and tea. We even had a stop to update Facebook! We wished we had another day in the trip. Anyways there is always another trip to do so.

Around 6PM we entered the crazy streets of Bangalore. We had the last stop of our trip at a chat center for some Masala Chat from a road side shop. Good way to end the trip isn’t it.

So a trip for us brothers to bond, as bikers to ride free, as creations of God to enjoy his creations as he intended to be, overall it was a wonderful trip. Thanks to God for his protection and his provision and thanks to Hubert for being a wonderful brother and a good companion. Amen!

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Friday, March 09, 2012

3 days of adventure – Ride to Kakabe and Bisle Ghat - Day 2/3

Its 7AM on day 2, I got out of the tent and saw it was a beautiful morning. We never knew where we had camped until morning. The view was beautiful with the hills and valleys and the fog filling the valleys like whipped cream.
Mystic Hills
7 AM
 The sun was already out and i must capture the scene in my camera before the scene fades away. I am no good photographer, so the photos may not speak much of what my eyes see. May be a DSLR camera will help?
Pic added by Rubert. Hubert is not a photographer???
Rubert got up just now and its time for a hot cup of tea. We made fire and used the vessel we had brought with us to heat some water for the tea. The tea is brewed and cheers! Today’s plan is go to Talacauvery first and see the place where the river Kauvery originates. Then head towards Bisle Ghat.

Here is the complete route of our trip:
View Larger Map
We packed the tent and all our stuff, which took a lot of time that i thought, and strapped them to our bikes and headed for the Kakabe village for breakfast.
Ready to roll
The road to Talacauvery was in good shape. The roads wind through hill sections and was like a treat to us. On the way we met a solo rider who was exploring Coorg on his Royal Enfield. He told us that he had been following us on day one on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. He was returning from Talacauvery and heading to Irupu falls and Rajiv Gandhi national park.
Rubert with a solo rider

One gloved man!!!
The view from the road side was beautiful and demands us to stop and photographs to be taken. As we rode these beautiful roads little we knew that the Talacauvery is a pilgrimage place and will be crowded like the Brigade road!
Road to Talacauvery.
The View from Talacauvery
It was a disappointment at Talacauvery because we had so much luggage on the bike which we can’t leave behind in the road or we can’t remove our foot wear. All it mattered to us is the ride, so we decided to head to Bisle Ghat.
Discussion about route.

Taken by a strange photographer!
 As we were riding through the roads less travelled towards Sulya I was starting to feel tired all of a sudden. So we pulled over and we simply laid flat on the road. I wonder when i lied down on the floor in my house. There were trees all over the place and the climate was cool, so we hung up there resting and munching snacks.
Such a smooth road. loved it!

Rest time
The roads are a treat for any rider wanting to scrape his foot pegs. Its no exception for us. But this time we wanted to try and capture the moment. So here’s a picture of Rubert doing his usual stunt, making Chappathi as his biker friends call it.

On the way to Chemberi the road winds through the hill sections so beautifully. If only the roads are little more better then it will satisfy those who wants to ride in the Isle Of Man TT. On the way there was a “mini waterfall”. The water was so cool and refreshing for a drink.
The one by the the stream.
Chemberi is a town near the Kerala-Karnataka border, I think it’s officially in Kerala, since we crossed the Checkpost. There was a small hotel run by a woman from the village. The food was Kerala style, with brown rice, curd curry and fish fry. The best part was the food costed us just Rs 60.
a hotel at Panathoor
We are running behind schedule by now. We were supposed to reach Bisle Ghat and camp in there. It was already 4:30pm and we are still to even reach Sulya which is like 30 km away. The problem is not the distance but the winding roads ensure that we cant keep pace, however enjoyable it is. Add to the hill roads the bad condition of the road and our the scenery which calls for a break.
Nice ride
Extreme roads
Extreme roads 2
Since we were only two of us we had the liberty to pull over wherever we liked to. Here is one such break that i like to call the Coke break on the way to Sulya.
The Coke efffect

Suddenly out of the blue, lots of children in their blue school uniform arrived on the scene. Few of the boys, who would be bikers like us in future, stayed back for a chat and get to know us and the bikes. Then we waved them good bye and started rolling towards Sulya.
Sulya is a small but busy town in Karnataka, with wonderful people. The people here spoke Malayalam which was surprising. Many of them knew multiple language. Somehow we managed with our little Kannada and Malayalam we know throughout this trip. It was fun. It also gave me a reason to learn Kannada more.
Sulia's busy main street

The sun is setting now. We decided we will stay in a Lodge in Sulya itself instead of camping. That gives us a relief from pitching the tent and all those huddles. We treated ourselves well in Sulya, starting with a nice cool shower and the some tea and snack watching over the bustling main street of Sulya.
Sun setting on day 2
Hi Tea
When it was fully dark we went around the town for some souvenirs. I felt except food everything else was expensive there. Take for example, clothing. The cost was as much as that of Soch in Bangalore. Sure the clothing was unique, with the local touch. So Married Guys, when you go to Sulya be sure to buy clothing from here for your lady. She will like it.

We bought our dinner from a hotel opposite our Lodge. Kerala Parota, Chicken Curry, Mathi Fish fry are the order for the night. The fish fry was so good that we went back to the hotel for even more. The best part again is our dinner costed a mere Rs 100.


What's next.
After food we took a walk around town as people started to settled down for the night. A fifteen minute walk brought us from one end of the town to the other.
Sulia at night
Thats it ?
A bike trip with a good company. What better one can can ask for! It was a pleasant finish of our day 2 of the trip.

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