Monday, October 19, 2009

Does'nt this look nice?

Sutmbled on this beautiful looking motorcycle. Could this be the new Pulsar being spelled out by Bajaj recently?

Sure this looks great...Resembles the KTM's Duke motorcycle though. If u notice closely on the side panel below the engine, it reads "200" !!

Bikers, this could just be a rendering of a bike enthusiast. So lets not anticipate too much :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Writeup: Muthathi

After a long time of break we finally did a short one day ride to Muthati. We were four of us on 4 motorcycles. We had bikes from 150cc to 220cc and beginner to expert riders in the group.

Pops the PRObiker

Once we crossed the town kanakapura, the landscape started changing, full of lush green fields on hilly landscapes. Goats,sheeps and cattle are everywhere. What a scene change between bangalore and kanakapura! From sathanur the ghat section starts, the winding roads come to with absolutely no warning.

The Lineup

The winding roads prooved to be serious fun for us. But its tough for a beginner to enjoy these roads. Pops would agree with that :-). I would want to ride again on these roads agin, just for the sake of riding.

On the winding roads towards Muthathi

Route Information: Bangalore - Kanakapura - Sathanur - Muthati
Distance: 110 km

Friday, October 09, 2009

NewRide: Muthati Ride - Plan - Route

Date of Ride: 10-10-2009 Saturday
We officially start rolling from Jayadeva flyover 6:40 AM . Lets stick to the timing please. Do remember your meeting points!
6:30AM BTM 16th main junction - Partha, rajan, hubert, Rubert & co
6:40AM Jayadeva flyover - Varun, Ankur, Nag, vinay + rest of the gang
7:40AM Kanakapura - Breakfast + snacks purchase
9:00AM Muthathi
Visist Bheemeshwari, Sangam, chunchi falls, Mekedatu as per time
4:30 PM start back to BLR
7:00 PM BLR
Details of Destination: MUTHATHI 100km

Route 1 : BLR, Kanakapura, Sathanur, Muthathi.
Route 2: BLR, 2km before Kanakapura, left deviation to muthathi

Meeting point(saturday morning):
Partha, Rajan, Rubert, Hubert - 6.30AM
your meeting point is BP petrol bunk, Outer Ring Road 16th main junction, BTM.
Ankur,Varun - 6.40AM
your meeting point is Petrol bunk on left side, JayaDeva Flyover. We will also join u guys there.
See u guys at the meeting points!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Skandagiri Trek!

Hey Guys!

How about a Bike ride to the base of Skandagiri( 70km from BLR) and then treck to the top of the hill?

The trek takes 3.5 hours to the top and. Normally people start the treck early as 2AM and reach the top by 5.30 am to see the beautiful sun rise.

More info:


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New bike ride planned!

We're gonna have a bike ride this Saturday, 10-10-2009. Place not yet decided yet. But it could be either:
Savana Durga ( 70 KM from BLR)

shivaganga(60km from BLR)

Muthathi (80 km from BLR)

YOU are Invited :)
To join us in the bike trips, please join our Yahoo Group!

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Karizma ZMR

Dear Indian Bikers!
NEWS! Good or Bad depends on you :) For we indians got another Fully Faired motorcycle! Its the Karizma ZMR! is the ZMR...

What it's got?

1. A full fairing
2. A new head light assembly
3. 17.6 bhp (wasn't the same as the Karizma R)
5. rear disc brake
6. Few other useless stuff

I say, isnt this bike looks 20 years old? Even the 80' have seen beautiful sports bikes(definitely not in India, though).

What's missing?
1. the Karizma is still in its teens - 17 bhp
2. An good looking fairing. Hey HH how about going naked with the ZMA like the ducati monster? that would look lot bettter!
3. Mono suspension on the rear
4. And many other stuff

I would only blame the Media(especially the bike magazines) These guys seriously OVER hype each new bike. WHY? Do they get paid for that by the motorcycle manufacturer or what? We poor bikers in India are already tired of waiting, please dont use words like "Back with a Vengeance" to describe this bike. Sure this bike has what it has: 17.6bhp, air cooled, fuel injected, 223cc single.

Okay, your thoughts please!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yamaha YZF250 R4

Seems yamaha is planning to launch a 250 cc YZF!! Not in India rightnow though! The specs of the motorcycle is not yet out. The R4 resembles the R6 more. The R4 seems to have more aggressive sporty riding position compared to the Ninja250R.
Now thats gonna be a serious competition for the little Ninja.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ninja 250R - with modifications

Here is a Ninja 250R fitted with performance parts and a dual tone paint job. Looks stunning isnt it ? Did you notice the swing arm and the slip-on exhaust?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Coonoor - pictures

Coonoor is a small sleepy town about 30 km from Ooty. The town spans across 3 - 4 hills. The hillscapes are full of coffee plantations.

There are some beautiful view points that one could visit which are Lambs rock, Dolphin's nose, Droog, Law's Falls and a beautiful and big Sim's Park.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 Pulsar 220 DTSi - What its missing

Watta hype!

There was too much hype around the "Fastest bike in India' thats to be launched june 23rd 09. Bike enthusiast all over India were too anxious whether the new bike from bajaj is gonna be a 250cc or a 300. Plus sites like kindled the curiousity of the poor bikers over their forum.

Now that the "Fastest production bike in India" is anoounced, did it deserve that much hype?

Well, the new pulsar 220 DTSi has one more horse power, and the FI is gone and the carb is in. What else great about the bike? Anything to boast of ? Of course this new Tweak is 10k less on the bill. Somebody tell these guys there are amazingly performing machines available to the world (minus India). Either our bike makers grow up to build more powerful bikes(we are not asking much, a inline 250cc t0 400 is great) or stop hype it up killing our passion.

The new 220 DTSi is great on the value for money factor. But isnt this premium segment value performance than 10k more?

The new 220 DTSi could've sported atleast a 4 valve per cylinder, international styling, mono suspension on the rear. Say wat bikers ?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bike trip being planned!

Looks like we'll soon ride on the highways!

It could be a 2 to 3 day bike trip. Places we are considering are:
1 Ooty-
300km from Bangalore
2. Gopalsamy betta 210 km from Bangalore

Wanna join? Leave your email id in the comments!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Way to Heaven

Dear readers!

I have started another blog recently. Its also about a journey, a passion that's more important than anything else. Its about our very existence and more importantly its about THE way to heaven.

In biker terms "Route information to Heaven!".

Let me introduce you to the Way, the Truth, and the Life...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

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