Monday, October 19, 2009

Does'nt this look nice?

Sutmbled on this beautiful looking motorcycle. Could this be the new Pulsar being spelled out by Bajaj recently?

Sure this looks great...Resembles the KTM's Duke motorcycle though. If u notice closely on the side panel below the engine, it reads "200" !!

Bikers, this could just be a rendering of a bike enthusiast. So lets not anticipate too much :)


  1. way back in 2007 there as a news abt bajaj that they are introducing Gasoline Direct Injection tech into 3-wheelers which could also find its way into their 2-wheelers!

    GDI is a 2stroke IC engine, but the fuel is injected and the emissions are as good(or bad) as its 4stroke counter part.

    The claim in performance was 33% increase in power!! Iam wondering if bajaj is still working on that and a new pulsar with a two stroke engine

    Has anyone have news on this?
    (This news was out in August 2007)


  2. Dude,
    This bike just looks like KTM Super duke. Might be a graphic!