Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thottapoo and Chavakkad beach - day 2

Church altar
Church backyard
Dad on his avenger. Good job Rubert on taking pics while riding.
Water in abundance in kerala
This is the second or third Elephant we spotted today.
On the way to Chavvakad beach, scenic.
Water everywhere... i love this place.

Say cheese
A relaxed sunday afernoon at the beach
Any comments ?
Bat like kite
the waves shaping the rocks
Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
The sea is His and He made it.
children picking snails
Family photo. Im taking the photo :)
I'm starting to oversee its imperfections :)
how to make kerala parota
Oscar making a huge splash

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Ride - Bangalore to Thrissur - day1

Flies on the visor.

Somewhere in nowhere

Me, Hubert

He, my bro rubert

waiting for the breakfast

unfortunately this wasnt breakfast :(

Wood furnace even in these days!

Breakfast - parota (spelling is correct) - curry. omelete not included in picture!

Bhavani river

mean machines?

the 220R - R for red


Nice to see water in a river, instead of sand miners

Coimbatore- we stayed in this house until 11 years ago.

Our neighbours from the past. Nice to meet them after a looong time

Guess where ?

AAH... Reached Kerala

100 odd km to go

Finally we reached trissur by 3PM. but no photos. Next? REST.