Saturday, June 04, 2011

my Pulsar 220's RVM gets more length...

Hey guys, Long time! no posts. Anyways, this is my "do it yourself " project that i had to do to improve the rear view on the RVM on my pulsar 220F.

If you are a P220F owner you will know that the RVM's are next to useless. So here is my idea that gets a little more use of it...see the traffic at the rear. However the vibrations in the mirrors did not vanish.

Below is the photo of the mirrors with the lenth of the rod extended:

Here's what i did to get the extra length in the rvm:

1. For the left side mirror (from the rider's position ) i bought a 2.5 inch length bolt that fits correctly in the grove where the mirror gets fitted.

2. Now i removed the left rvm and got the bolt welded to the edge of the rvm's rod.

3. Now to extend the right side rvm, since the right side rvm's thread in its rod is in the opposite direction of the regular clockwise direction on the bots available on the market, i had to buy a stock right side rvm from bajaj and cut its rod. The rvm costs rs 150 approx. Trust me its worth it so you could just buy one!

4. Then weld this rod got from cutting the stock rvm to the end of the right side rvm.

5. fit both the RVMs to the bike.

In the "After" photo above, you would have also noticed the rubber cover also got its length extended. To do this if you have a old tire's tube you could cut and make the extension. But recently i removed the rubber covers altogether and got the whole thing painted in matte black. And it looks great. I'll post the photo of that soon. Thank Jesus! Now my bike has better rear view mirrors!

Below is the "Before" pic for a comparison:

Stay tuned for more DIY.