Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ninja 250R - Spec

Engine 4-stroke Parallel twin, DOHC, Liquid cooled, 8-Valve, w/ counterbalancer
Displacement 248 cc
Starting Electric
Bore x stroke 62.0 x 41.2 mm
Compression ratio 12.4:1
Carburetion Keihin CVK30 (2), Constant velocity, diaphragm-type
Ignition CDI (electronic advance)
Spark plug NGK CR8HSA, CR8HIX, CR8HVXoption CR7HSA, CR7HIX
Transmission 6-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift
Clutch Wet, Multi-disc, Manual, Cable-actuated

Max horsepower 36 bhp (27 kW) @ 12000 rpm
Max Torque 24 Nm @ 10000 rpm
0-100 km/h in 5.75 s
1/4 mile 14.6 s @ 88 mph
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Fuel Efficiency 28 km/l

Frame Tubular Diamond design
Rake/trail 27 degrees/84 mm
Suspension, front Hydraulic telescopic fork
Suspension, rear UNI-TRAK system with single shock
Wheelbase 1400 mm
Wheel travel, front 140 mm
Wheel travel, rear 5.1 in 130 mm
Tire, front 100/80x16
Tire, rear 130/80x16
Brakes, front/rear Single hydraulic disc
Overall length 80.1 in (2034 mm)
Overall width 28.0 in (711 mm)
Overall height 43.1 in (1095 mm)
Ground clearance 6.1 in (155 mm)
Seat height 29.3 in (744 mm)
Weight dry/wet (138/161 kg)
Max load 154 kg
Fuel capacity 18 l
Fuel type Min 91 Research / 87 avg. octane unleaded
Oil capacity 1.9 l
Oil type SE-SG Class SAE 10W40-20W50

Aquilla 250

Today I spotted a Aquilla 250 on the outer ring road here in bangalore. Looks like a Harley and sounds like a sportster instead of being a thumper.

The bike has a V twin 25o CC. The guy has imported the bike. It had costed him Rs 2 Lakh.

I wish I could get Ninja 25o ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kakabe Trip

Kakabe - Bangalore trip
date: 13th May.
Days 2.
Activities: Biking, Trekking the thadiandimol hill

Route: Bangalore - Mysore - Virajpet - Kakabe
distance: 260km

Gang: Addi, Hubert, Kokil, sha

Its been a while since we did this trip. And my passion for biking(real biking) is slowly bein killed Im wondering when i would have my next bike trip. I dont want to do a 2 day trip...not even a 3 day trip...I want little more. Meanwhile I dream of a perfect bike trip let me blog my last trip not yet documented here.

Back to the subject: We started from bangalore on 11th of may 2007. We were 4 inall. Kokil the new biker in the gang rode on his 180cc. We reached Virajpet at midnight and stayed there for the night.

Saturday 7AM with 40 odd km to ride we started towards Kakkabe. Kakkabe is a beautiful place with all mist covered valleys and beautiful town. We stayed at one MR Ashok's homestay. It was Rs 1000 bucks a day. Its damn expensive for the place but no other go. Ashok does homestay as a parallel job while he manages his farms and stuff. Not to mention his food is tasting real good. simple but great...esp for us bachelors whose tongue were murdered by the hotel food.

The agenda for saturday is to trek the thadiandimol hill there. Sha brought a copy of the BIKES mag. all of us were admiring each bike piture in the book forgetting all about the trek. 12pm we had our lunch and started towards the base of the hill on our motorcycles.

There was a jeep track that goes up through tough way which i wanted to climb and so i pursued it. But after a few meters the rest of the gang were not intrested in riskin on that track parked their bikes and started trekking. Poor huez the biker also followed their idea. huez was thinking probably after the trek he can climb the track on his bike. [tamil]Aanal avanoda kanavulla yaaro mannu alli pottutanga da. Rain screwed the track which became muddy and slippery and huez's pulsar had no grip on the track. Dejected and tired of the scramblign on the dirt returned back to the camp.

Sunday is nice time to go back(no other way...) to the freak crazy city. I wish i have a farm in this place and settle up there.( my dad wont sponsor that though).
We started around 12pm after Ashok's nice meal towards bangalore. Here huez decided to ride nonstop towards bangalore. But soon he stopped at virajpet for tea and to sync with the rest of the "slow" gang. Again he stopped as he lost sight of these guys for a long time. Assuring that they are on the right track started again.

We met 10 odd enfields creating noise like hell(they call it thumping) on the way...poor guys they donno to ride faster than a 60. As I over took them(10 in row) at 120km/hr on my Pulsar(mind u it has DTSI) they might've cursed themselves for their slowness. I wish i have a 4 cylinder bike to rock more. Dont recomment a 350cc chunk of metal..u kno wat i mean ;)

huez's dream of nonstop riding kinda worked out for him. He had only stopped for lunch and to pee...ofcourse. And we all reached bangalore safely by 6:30 sunday.

My sincere thanks to:
All bikers of this trip
special thanks to Varun who helped me with vocabulary.

No hard fealings...And no Regrets.

Now iam back dreaming about my new multicylinder bike(GOD im waiting)... And a "real" bike trip.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hiwayREBELS is 10,000 km old!

Hey Bikers!

Congrats! As our bike club crossed 10,000 km mark.

be a rebel…be a highway biker.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kakkabe - Thadiyandimol Trip - photos

Need more grip on the tyres to climb these roads!

Thadiandimol Trek

Typical Kakkabe Road

Huez Gazing

One more track we rode...Beautiful ups and downs

A village Hotel where Shash and bikes pose

View from inside the hotel

Falls - from elevated view

From another angle

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What an Indian Bike enthusiast want

News from ET says Bike manufacturers are tracking blogs, online forums, discussion-boards of bike enthusiasts for reviews, user experiences and and other such details!!! (Click here for More) So I thought why not we also post some of our likings on "to be ours" bike...

Here is the list of some of the important characteristics which our bikers like to see on premium bike: (considering Indian road conditon as well ;) )
1 250cc inline twin engine
2. Fuel injection
3. 6 gears and top speed 160+ ;)
4. Radiator
5. Monoshok with nitrox
6. Full Fairing
7. Under seat exhaust
8. 25+ bhp (more is always welcome)
9. Good handling and smoother and quick engine
10. Projector head lamps (dual lamps like in CBR is great)
11.Good finishing and quality paint job

Better stuff appart from this list is always welcome :)

Readers, have any other feature you like? Add as comment!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ugadi Odyssey (Udupi)

If you are looking for pictures click here

Finally I got the "green signal" call from by Addi at 5:20 pm on friday I started from my office took the outer ring road towards tumkur road. The rest of the gang are coming through the outerring road from the mysore road side. Addi, Ankur, Huez(me), Imti and Varun are the bikers for this tour. As I squezed and zipped through the tumkur road traffic I spotted Ankur with his luggage tied to the bike. What a sheer excitement it was for me when I caught the gang! We continued our ride at good speeds and reached chicmagalur with couple of breaks for tea and dinner.

Day2: The next day early in the morning we started towards Agumbe where we would be seing couple of falls. Agumbe always fascinated me since our first visit last year during monsoons. I was very anxious and wondering how the place would be at this time of year. We reached Agumbe by 11AM. The vegetation was almost the same except for the green grass thats missing now. We had our lunch at the Taj of Agumbe, they serve very good food that it even tastes better than our bangalore food. The hotel people recognized and greeted us. We went to keep our bags at the hotel at the bus stand and the hotel guys there recognized us too. We kept our bags there and rode to the falls.

The ride throught the narrow roads through thick vegetation was very intresting and makes one to sing. The falls is tucked inside the forest just 15 minute walk from the road. The falls was reduced to a stream this time of the year which was glorious during the monsoon last year. After some play in the water we rode to the other falls nearby. Its Barkana we had to trek for like 4km. Its was sunny and since we had to reach hebri that night we returend once we reached a viewpoint of the falls. After a good chat and photo session we returned to our bikes. Our attempt to wathch the sunset from the sunset point at Agumbe failed even this time due to colouds and mist. We reached hebri that evening and hit sack after dinner.

Day3: Early morning we left hebri to the Kudlu theertha falls which is 15 odd km from hebri. We rode about 7km on dirt track through small hills and valleys through dense vegetation. It was a very intresting ride. We parked our bikes at the point where the track narrowed down to a foot path and started to climb up through rocky hill. We hiked up to the falls, the climate was very pleasant. The falls was amazing at this time of year. We had a quality time there taking bath under the water falls. We had the whole falls just for ourselves almost till we planned to leave.

While returning we did some eco cleaning of the place. Once we reached our bikes we found that our fuel from all our bikes have been stolen and my helmet missing. With our fuel pointer barely rainsing up we rode back through the dirt track praying to God that we should reach the fuel station without problems. we reached the fuel station and latter we found out from the locals that the villagers near the falls steel fuel all the time there. So people venturing out there especially on bike beware of this.

We left to Udupi that afternoon. Riding in the noon without helmet was a lot of pain for me. My skin felt baked up. I could buy a helmet only in Udupi. Imti's carburreter leaked fuel but luckily it didnt leaked when the engine is running. After reaching Udupi we went to the Malpe beach and St Marry's Island. Both the beaches were well maintained. Be the boat ride to the St Marry's Island was very enjoyable. It even brought the intrest on sailing in me. The island looked like a oasis amidst the ocean, full of coconut trees. Varun and I started collecting shells on the shore. Looked like Varun is an expert with shells. reached Udupi and stayed there for the night.

Day 4: Early morning we headed to Koradi beach. Seing the Kinara Beach resort right there on the beach we decided to stay there. Both the beach and the village was very beautiful. A very peaceful place to be. We spent the whole day in the ocean waters playing water ball and doging tides. Evening we rode to the Maravanthe. Maravante is a beach, the speciality being there is beach on one side of the road and backwaters on the other. Its a very beautiful place. We went boating on the backwaters. The sunset on the beach was beautiful. Unfortunatey the colouds didnt let us watch the sun diping into the ocean waters. We came back to kinara resort spent good time on the beach couting the ships on the horizon and the stars above.

Day 5. Our summer vaccation is about to end today and most part of the day will be on riding back to bangalore. On the way we went to dharmashhala where Addi, varun and ankur went to the temple while Imti and me roamed around. On the way back to bangalore we went through the shiradi ghat section. This is a beatutiful and scenic route. This time the road was good and was enjoyable. I got my bike foot peg scraping on the curves while the heavily loaded lorries find it very difficult to take these curves. We reached bangalore with our bodies tired and our hearts satisfied and our bikes worn out!

TripMeter: Overall distance 1250km Days: 4 and 7hrs

Places: Sringeri, Agumbe, Kudulu Theertha, Udupi, Malpe, St Marrys Island, Koradi Beach, Maravanthe

Route: Bangalore - Chicmagalur - Sringeri - Agumbe - Hebri - Udupi - Mangalore - Hassan - Bangalore

-huez the biker
hiwayREBELS Motorcycling Club

Ugadi Odyssey(Udupi) - Photos

while riding towards Agumbe before Mudugere

Trek to Barkana falls

Barkana Falls at Agumbe

Kudlu theertha ride

Kudlu theertha Trek

The Kudlu theertha falls

Eco cleaning at the falls

St Marrys Islands

Rebels pose

Rebels at Koradi Beach

Imti At Maravanthe

Maravanthe beach sunset

View from Souwparnika River(while boating)

Sun setting at Maravanthe

Ready to leave Koradi beach

Outlook Dosa at Udupi

Near dharmsthala

Bikers pose near Dharmsthala

Maravanthe Sunset

Baba Budangiri - Photos

Beautiful Ride: Sha riding down hill

Curvy roads and dense vegetation around

Dense Vegetation around Baba Budangiri hills

Dill Chatha hai!

Cloud 9

Dont know what to say about this snap

Simply beautiful

Baba Budangiri range

Igglur and Kanva Reservoior - Photos

Mudit the climber

Huez is posing

Cranes are fishing

Sun is Setting

Sun Rising

Trying hard for a camp fire

The sleep less night at Igglur courtesy Mosquitoes

Kanva Reservoior

Skidding and lovin it