Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ugadi Odyssey(Udupi) - Photos

while riding towards Agumbe before Mudugere

Trek to Barkana falls

Barkana Falls at Agumbe

Kudlu theertha ride

Kudlu theertha Trek

The Kudlu theertha falls

Eco cleaning at the falls

St Marrys Islands

Rebels pose

Rebels at Koradi Beach

Imti At Maravanthe

Maravanthe beach sunset

View from Souwparnika River(while boating)

Sun setting at Maravanthe

Ready to leave Koradi beach

Outlook Dosa at Udupi

Near dharmsthala

Bikers pose near Dharmsthala

Maravanthe Sunset



  2. You guys enjoy a lot!! There was a time when I had time but not bike or camera, then I got camera but no bike, then I got bike, but no comapany. Now I have car, camera and yet no company and time. People around me are lazy and not adventuristic, yet I make most of the oportunity available. Visit my blog at http://kartourism.blogspot.com, I am working on it right now so only Bellary, Hampi, and Sringeri is complete. I came across your blog as I was searching for info on Kudluthirtha falls.
    Have nice time

  3. Hi Sridhar!

    AS you rightly mentioned, Enjoy when its possible! These days our bike rides have slowed down badly.

    Am getting the energy back again...hope the other bikers arent too busy for bike rides :)))