Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What an Indian Bike enthusiast want

News from ET says Bike manufacturers are tracking blogs, online forums, discussion-boards of bike enthusiasts for reviews, user experiences and and other such details!!! (Click here for More) So I thought why not we also post some of our likings on "to be ours" bike...

Here is the list of some of the important characteristics which our bikers like to see on premium bike: (considering Indian road conditon as well ;) )
1 250cc inline twin engine
2. Fuel injection
3. 6 gears and top speed 160+ ;)
4. Radiator
5. Monoshok with nitrox
6. Full Fairing
7. Under seat exhaust
8. 25+ bhp (more is always welcome)
9. Good handling and smoother and quick engine
10. Projector head lamps (dual lamps like in CBR is great)
11.Good finishing and quality paint job

Better stuff appart from this list is always welcome :)

Readers, have any other feature you like? Add as comment!


  1. Looks like our prayers are going to be answered soon. Yamaha is advertising on TV its R1 and couple of other biggies!

  2. We Want Multi cylinder engined bikes!!!

  3. If ninja 250 lands in India then it will satisfy us well! Seems most of our demands in the list. But seems the lil Ninja has conventional halogen lamps. Couldnt get the Watt of the headlamps anywhere on the web.