Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kakabe Trip

Kakabe - Bangalore trip
date: 13th May.
Days 2.
Activities: Biking, Trekking the thadiandimol hill

Route: Bangalore - Mysore - Virajpet - Kakabe
distance: 260km

Gang: Addi, Hubert, Kokil, sha

Its been a while since we did this trip. And my passion for biking(real biking) is slowly bein killed Im wondering when i would have my next bike trip. I dont want to do a 2 day trip...not even a 3 day trip...I want little more. Meanwhile I dream of a perfect bike trip let me blog my last trip not yet documented here.

Back to the subject: We started from bangalore on 11th of may 2007. We were 4 inall. Kokil the new biker in the gang rode on his 180cc. We reached Virajpet at midnight and stayed there for the night.

Saturday 7AM with 40 odd km to ride we started towards Kakkabe. Kakkabe is a beautiful place with all mist covered valleys and beautiful town. We stayed at one MR Ashok's homestay. It was Rs 1000 bucks a day. Its damn expensive for the place but no other go. Ashok does homestay as a parallel job while he manages his farms and stuff. Not to mention his food is tasting real good. simple but great...esp for us bachelors whose tongue were murdered by the hotel food.

The agenda for saturday is to trek the thadiandimol hill there. Sha brought a copy of the BIKES mag. all of us were admiring each bike piture in the book forgetting all about the trek. 12pm we had our lunch and started towards the base of the hill on our motorcycles.

There was a jeep track that goes up through tough way which i wanted to climb and so i pursued it. But after a few meters the rest of the gang were not intrested in riskin on that track parked their bikes and started trekking. Poor huez the biker also followed their idea. huez was thinking probably after the trek he can climb the track on his bike. [tamil]Aanal avanoda kanavulla yaaro mannu alli pottutanga da. Rain screwed the track which became muddy and slippery and huez's pulsar had no grip on the track. Dejected and tired of the scramblign on the dirt returned back to the camp.

Sunday is nice time to go back(no other way...) to the freak crazy city. I wish i have a farm in this place and settle up there.( my dad wont sponsor that though).
We started around 12pm after Ashok's nice meal towards bangalore. Here huez decided to ride nonstop towards bangalore. But soon he stopped at virajpet for tea and to sync with the rest of the "slow" gang. Again he stopped as he lost sight of these guys for a long time. Assuring that they are on the right track started again.

We met 10 odd enfields creating noise like hell(they call it thumping) on the way...poor guys they donno to ride faster than a 60. As I over took them(10 in row) at 120km/hr on my Pulsar(mind u it has DTSI) they might've cursed themselves for their slowness. I wish i have a 4 cylinder bike to rock more. Dont recomment a 350cc chunk of metal..u kno wat i mean ;)

huez's dream of nonstop riding kinda worked out for him. He had only stopped for lunch and to pee...ofcourse. And we all reached bangalore safely by 6:30 sunday.

My sincere thanks to:
All bikers of this trip
special thanks to Varun who helped me with vocabulary.

No hard fealings...And no Regrets.

Now iam back dreaming about my new multicylinder bike(GOD im waiting)... And a "real" bike trip.