Sunday, August 14, 2011

Independence Ride - Bangalore to Thrissur - day1

Flies on the visor.

Somewhere in nowhere

Me, Hubert

He, my bro rubert

waiting for the breakfast

unfortunately this wasnt breakfast :(

Wood furnace even in these days!

Breakfast - parota (spelling is correct) - curry. omelete not included in picture!

Bhavani river

mean machines?

the 220R - R for red


Nice to see water in a river, instead of sand miners

Coimbatore- we stayed in this house until 11 years ago.

Our neighbours from the past. Nice to meet them after a looong time

Guess where ?

AAH... Reached Kerala

100 odd km to go

Finally we reached trissur by 3PM. but no photos. Next? REST.

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