Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 Pulsar 220 DTSi - What its missing

Watta hype!

There was too much hype around the "Fastest bike in India' thats to be launched june 23rd 09. Bike enthusiast all over India were too anxious whether the new bike from bajaj is gonna be a 250cc or a 300. Plus sites like kindled the curiousity of the poor bikers over their forum.

Now that the "Fastest production bike in India" is anoounced, did it deserve that much hype?

Well, the new pulsar 220 DTSi has one more horse power, and the FI is gone and the carb is in. What else great about the bike? Anything to boast of ? Of course this new Tweak is 10k less on the bill. Somebody tell these guys there are amazingly performing machines available to the world (minus India). Either our bike makers grow up to build more powerful bikes(we are not asking much, a inline 250cc t0 400 is great) or stop hype it up killing our passion.

The new 220 DTSi is great on the value for money factor. But isnt this premium segment value performance than 10k more?

The new 220 DTSi could've sported atleast a 4 valve per cylinder, international styling, mono suspension on the rear. Say wat bikers ?


  1. Seriously, the FI should'nt be dropped from this bike. There is nothin technically great in this bike.
    If Yamaha brings a R18 with a 180 cc engine then the p220 will again loose to it.

  2. Hmm still india needs to say "Fastest Indian" with a 220 cc single cylinder moped.

    A 250 cc with 33 bhp is considered the beginners bike elsewhere. Here In india a 220cc is a premium and fastest ever Indian motorcycle. ITs a shame

    As u pointed out Bajaj is playin it safe. They dont have the guts to comeup with a full blown 250cc single, forget the liquid coolde engine etc...

    But Atleast bajaj does somethin , herohonda is happy with its sticker upgrades :@
    BTW there is news about an Karizma upgrade on the internet, not sure if its real or fake!

    I hope Yamaha brings somethin big , not too big to put holes in our wallet.