Monday, October 05, 2009

Karizma ZMR

Dear Indian Bikers!
NEWS! Good or Bad depends on you :) For we indians got another Fully Faired motorcycle! Its the Karizma ZMR! is the ZMR...

What it's got?

1. A full fairing
2. A new head light assembly
3. 17.6 bhp (wasn't the same as the Karizma R)
5. rear disc brake
6. Few other useless stuff

I say, isnt this bike looks 20 years old? Even the 80' have seen beautiful sports bikes(definitely not in India, though).

What's missing?
1. the Karizma is still in its teens - 17 bhp
2. An good looking fairing. Hey HH how about going naked with the ZMA like the ducati monster? that would look lot bettter!
3. Mono suspension on the rear
4. And many other stuff

I would only blame the Media(especially the bike magazines) These guys seriously OVER hype each new bike. WHY? Do they get paid for that by the motorcycle manufacturer or what? We poor bikers in India are already tired of waiting, please dont use words like "Back with a Vengeance" to describe this bike. Sure this bike has what it has: 17.6bhp, air cooled, fuel injected, 223cc single.

Okay, your thoughts please!


  1. hey common dude, i wud strongly say Karizma is the best u cud get in india

    it can do a constant 100km/hr for hours...-ryder

  2. Let the spec sheets do the talking.

    Karizma -17 bhp
    pulsar 220 - 20 bhp
    pulsar 180 - 17 bhp
    R15 - 17 bhp
    RTR 180 - 17 bhp

    Am sure any motor cycle can run for hours. engine seizures were common in 2 strokes where the rider missed to add proper oil with petrol.

    My own experience. i have ridden my p150 non stop
    and in full throttle for 600km and some of those KM are in ghat sections aswell. So pls dont be biased with karizma that only it can long rides at 100km/hr. Open ur eyes! There are other bikes :-)