Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oil filter or Oil strainer or Centrifugal filter cleaning - for Pulsar 220

Pulsar 220 owners would have always searched for a "oil filter" in their bike.Atleast I did. I opened the clutch cover or the primary cover to find out a "tea strainer" like filter! Thats all the oil filter thats there in Pulsars!

I have not cleaned my tea strainer, oops, Oil strainer for 10,000+ km. But it was very clean. So i just put it back. If yours was having some sluge just wash away with some keroscene and dry it off and put it back. If you notice any damage the strainer just get a new one and replace it.

DISCLAIMER! This DIY was safe and effective for me. I rode a 1000km to Kerala after I did this and I faced no problems But its no guarantee that it would work for your or bike.

Things you would need:
1. Ring spanners, bottle spanners
2. Primary cover gasket (if old one is damaged)
3 Oil strainer (if old one is damaged)
4. Engine oil. (For p220 dtsi its 1150 ml. Refer service manual for others.)

  1. Remove the engine oil by draining it from the drain hole on the left side of the bike.
  2. Remove primary or clutch cover (thats there on the silencer side of the bike)
  3. Locate the oil pump thats bolted by theree bolts as shown in the above picture.
  4. Remove those bolts marked as in the picture.
  5. The strainer will come out along with the pump
  6. The strainer is hold in place with a metal clip. Remove it.
  7. Now clean the strainer, if necessary.
  8. Put back the starainer to the oil pump fastening using the metal clip.
  9. Bolt the oil pump back, ensuring the yellow sprocket is fitting properly with the other sprocket(not visible in the picture above)
  10. Put back the primary cover. Change the gasket if needed. I change it every other time I open the primary cover.
  11. Put back the oil drain bolt back. Do not over tight the bolt.
  12. Now fill new engine oil.
Happy Fixing. :)


  1. Remove the gasket from the old filter and compare it to the new one. They should be nearly identical.

  2. It will be helpful if there is a video of removing the clutch cover.. I Tried but couldn't.

  3. Sorry I do not have a video on how to remove the primary cover. once the bolts on the covers are removed the cover would still stick to the case. The gasket kinda gets stuck on both the sides. need to pull it apart with force. careful thought not the damage the edges of the case.