Friday, March 23, 2012

3 days of adventure – Ride to Kakabe and Bisle Ghat - Day 3/3

It’s Days 3 and we have to end our ride by getting back to Bangalore. We set our alarms to blare at 5:30 am. As usual I didn’t hear it and Hubert did. He woke up and after 10 mins I did. Later we got ready and packed our stuff.

After packing we were moving out of the room and the hotel manager came and said I’m just going to turn on the geyser and you guys already took bath. I was amazed as even at that weather people use hot water for bathing! Anyways, we thanked him and paid the rent and started mounting the luggage’s on our bikes.

Then we checked GPS for the route and started our day 3 ride. This is again an amazing road. It’s merely a 2 lane road and the roads were really smooth and we were able to maintain decent speed.

We stopped now and then to check the map as there were roads splitting. Then we saw a bridge which and we thought we could off-road and go down near the water. But then it was too risky as it was very steep and dangerous.
Now its breakfast time and we were almost near Subrahmanya and thought about have it there. As we were on our way to Subrahmanya there were very less traffic and in a flash, vehicle, pedestrians were more. I was never aware that theirs is/are temple. So we stopped by at a small hotel like Sagar and we had our breakfast. It was so crowded that we had to stand and eat for a while. Once having a satisfactory breakfast we started rolling again after checking the route.
The road became amazing and we were blazing through. After like 5 km we stopped and wanted to check the map as we thought we will be doing village route. By checking we found we were perfectly going on the wrong side (to Mangalore). I thought okay why don’t we just ride in the same route and reach Mangalore and extend our ride. But duty calls, so we turned and started to do the village route.

Still the route was good and awesome. Lush green vegetation and the road was covered with leaves. The road is as small as the width of a Jeep. To overtake them they had to move left and slow down. And they did it too. Thanks to the driver.

Now we entered the Bisle Ghat Road and bang! There was no road. The road is completely messed up and we had to stand and ride to have extra shock observing thing.
Riding, riding, riding, riding, riding (don’t know how many “riding” to put as it took 3 hrs to cover 100 km) guys the worst is yet to come. But we enjoyed.

So we stopped as much as possible to take rest as we couldn’t move past 20 kmph. The whole Ghat section is about 23 kms and it looked like never ending road.  Again a stream was flowing and we stopped on the bridge and we clicked few pics. I went down and in few mins Hubert was about to come down and then went back. I heard some noise and got scared as if someone is mugging Hubert (I think it’s because of the water sound and couldn’t quite hear what’s happening up there). I went up and saw him talking to 6 or 7 guys who were also bikers without protection.

We spoke to them and a tractor guy came and he was explaining about the road. His job is to take a trailer loaded with stones for constructions on this completely damaged road every day. It takes him a day for him to deliver the stones and come back. It seemed it was regular for him to chat with strangers each day on this route. So guys, any time you take this route you might meet him, and he would be happy for a talk!

Hubert wanted to take a quick dip in the water but it was crowded by these guys. We waited, but they didn’t seem to leave. So we geared up and left expecting for one more stream. But we just crossed the last one.

We tried to take a snap like both standing on the pegs and riding, but 10 secs wasn’t enough. But this is what we got.

We were now heading to the view point. BTW, those guys have now over taken us. We reached the view point and those guys were already there. We took a video of the view point where you can see a 360° of the valley.
Now we started off again but the road became little better.  The roads were narrow and bad condition but there was no lorry traffic or such things common on a national highway. The roads were all for ourselves. In many sections of the roads, riding on the shoulders were more comfortable than riding on the road!

Our next stop was for lunch at a village called Mallipatna. A lady ran the hotel at her house itself. We had chicken curry and rice. After enjoyed yet another good lunch, we updated our Facebook friends about our whereabouts.

Today was a very relaxed ride all the way to Bangalore. We had a numerous stops for snacks and tea. We even had a stop to update Facebook! We wished we had another day in the trip. Anyways there is always another trip to do so.

Around 6PM we entered the crazy streets of Bangalore. We had the last stop of our trip at a chat center for some Masala Chat from a road side shop. Good way to end the trip isn’t it.

So a trip for us brothers to bond, as bikers to ride free, as creations of God to enjoy his creations as he intended to be, overall it was a wonderful trip. Thanks to God for his protection and his provision and thanks to Hubert for being a wonderful brother and a good companion. Amen!

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