Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Custom Windshield for Pulsar 220 - Updated

Here is a DIY. For all the sports tourers using a p220 who wanted more protection from wind blast. I made this wind shield out of a transparant Poly-Carbonate sheet.

Custom windshield in use.

The sheet costed me RS 500 for a meter long sheet. I bought a 1.5 mm thickness sheet and cut it in the shape shown in below picture. I simply removed the old stock windshield and fitted the new one using the same bolts.

Custom windshield (left), Stock windshield (right)

If you are making one for your bike, try with a 2mm poly carbonate sheet, for a little more stiffnes of the shield. The height of the windshield would depend on the riders height.

Yeah, thats me.

My new shield has significantly reduced wind noise inside the helmet and reduced the need for crouching behind the windshield.

Updated 15th Feb 2013:
I have made a second version of the windshield which is couple of inches taller than the previous one. Also this one is little more vertical that the previous one.
Old one above and new taller one below


  1. Hi Huez my name is Adi, I am from Indonesia, and I'am Pulsar 220 users, I am very interested about your postings discussing winshield P220 custom, can you explain in detail about the making of winshield P220 custom via email ? thanks

  2. HI,

    I am Rangga from Indonesia
    Im really interested with your handcraft, it is look great.

    if i may know the height of the windshield compare to the original one?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Rangga,

    Thanks for your interest.

    My windshied shown in above post is having a height of 47 cm(18 inch). The stock one is 33cm (13 inch) in height at the centre.

    Please adjust the windshield height according to the rider. height.


  4. Hello, i am from colombia, i want make the last windshield. It looks great. How you did to give mold...Do you have more pictures of that process?

    Please...Send me info to

  5. Hello, i am from colombia, i want make the last windshield. How you did to give mold...Do you have more pictures of that process?

    Please...Send me info to

  6. Hello Cesar angel

    I did not mould the windshield. The poly carbonate sheet is flexible enough to bend. So I cut it in the shape of the stock windshield so that I can just fit the new windshield just the way the stock one if fitted.

    Once you fasten with the bolts on to the fairing the new windshield will stay in the shape.

  7. hello huez even i am interested to build same kind of windshield.
    please tell how did u create a bulge/bubble shape on polycarbonate sheet to make it more vertical, how to cut the Polly carbonate sheet according to the stock one, how to get correct height of the windshield suppose if i am 5 feet 7 inch...please help me with my queries. my email id

  8. Hello Huez
    I am Interested to make one windshield for my p220.
    first i was planing to make a wind deflector using some other bikes windshield. But i though i wouldn't look good and then i found your blog and i really liked your work.
    I want to know did you manage to cut and drill exact size of mounting points. did you just kept the stock one one poly carbonate sheet did marking and cut it out?
    how tall must the windshield be for a 5feet 7inch rider? no idea about aerodynamics..
    how did you managed to build the windshield more vertical and a bubble/bulge on it?
    please help me with my queries if possible detailed procedure to make the windshield my contact in ""....Thank you in advance :)
    Ride Hard Ride Safe.

  9. Hi!! U have changed the mirrors also I suppose.

  10. Hi!! Does the windshield helps avoid too much wind blast, the stock one is no good after 110kmph.
    plus does it interfere the vision being so long and vertical.
    vertical does help a lot or the slanted one for heavy touring.
    Thanx!! ;)

  11. Hey brother from where you perchased this polycarbonate sheet..???

  12. I bought from NR road, Bangalore (NR road is the one opposite to the Town Hall). There are many shops there that sell these sheets.

  13. The Mirrors: I didn't change the RVMs . Its the same stock 220 mirrors, but I increased the length by welding a rod to the edge of the mirror's rods.

  14. The windshields really really helps. Especially the new one in the last picture.
    It deflects the air just above my helmet. So even it higher speeds there is not blast. its really cool, it feels like great without the wind. Plus, the wind noise inside the helmet reduces too. No body pain after a long fast ride too!

    From visibility standpoint, it doesnot affect except when riding in stop and go traffic, you may not be able to judge the distance from the bike in front.

    Also how tall the windshield needs to be totally depends on rider height. Some experiment needs to be done to get the correct size. i made four sizes until i got the right one for me :)