Friday, May 26, 2006

Mission Sivana Samudram

I was going to the pool when I felt something vibrating in my pocket. Allright guys, it was just my mobile. I wasn't able to attend it as I was riding in heavy traffic. I reached the pool and called back the guy who disturbed me earlier. As usual It was Hubert. He told me that 2moro we r going for Nandi hills. Soon after I reached home the plan changed to SivaSamudram. It was surprising as Sivasamudram was planned for next week. Anyhow I said OK for this too.This was my first long trip after doing mini trips like nandi hills and bhimeswari.

I was excited as I was told that there will be total 5 bikes. I was not worried about putting alarm as we were supposed to assemble by 8:30. So it was pretty outside my nocturnal timings.That night I slept at Suresh Gade's home. Next day I got up early and reached the assembly point(Bigbazar--koramangala).

As usual I was the first one to reach there. I called hubert to come. Soon he arrived and we came to know that there will be three bikes and total 4 people. Dinesh and Biju joined us in a short while. We fuelled our bikes near big bazar itself.

Then we started looking for roads which could lead us to Mysore. It took sometime as none of us knew about the route to take. Biju and Dinesh started to lose patience before we hit the correct road near city market. We gave away the throttle once the road turned into a Hiway. So soon we turned into Hiway Rebels. As usual I was leading the pack from the start, everyone was making unsuccessful attempts to catch up with me (Just kidding--- It was the other way around.)

The road was too good and we gave full air to our passion for driving. We stopped at few places to take snaps. After couple of hours we reached Maddur. After crossing Maddur we have to take a left to reach Sivasamudram. This is a 30 km stretch. Most part of the road is good and the view of the landscape around too. We stopped in a small town to pack our lunch. We bought fruits and bakery items.After this we planned to reach Sivasamudram without any breaks.

I reached speeds upto 95 on my disky. I could have touched more but didn't want to push my engine.After travelling a distance of 30 kms we reached a gate where we have to take a left. We stopped under a banyan tree for a small break. It was cool place with few kids playing around. Sivasamudram was 1 km from that place.

After reaching there we had a glimpse of the waterfall. Since this was a summer season the fall was reduce to a small stream. This was quite different than the picture of the place we have in HTSL calendar. We soon realised the better place to enter into water would be from the other side. We were told that we have to travel another 20 km to reach the other side. So we had lunch under the same banyan tree and soon reached the other side. The site was full of rocks with small ponds in between them.

There were quite a few people playing in it already. The water looked dirty, so we dropped any plans of entering into it. So we reached for a rock and planned to spend some time in the shade. Being an adventurous guy (Thanx to NGC and Discovery channels) I ventured out in search of good place to enter into water. After doing all kind of gymnastics on the rocks I found a miniature version of Niagara falls (It must be a microscopic version of Niagara). I called other guys to join me and soon all of us were in water. The feeling was really good. Standing under waterfall in the scorching heat of mid may. Water was cool and we had a nice time. After dressing up and coming to the solid land me and Huez had a fish fry. Freshly caught and fried in front of us. It was one of the best fish fries I ever had. Then we started back home. We stopped to have water at a hand pump. Soon Biju and party were out of sight. Huez and rode together for some time only to get separated later.

In mid way it started raining forcing me to stop at a marriage hall. Wished to go inside and wish the bride and groom. But rain stopped before I could collect the courage to go in. So I was on my bike and my next stop waould be sweet home in Bangalore. I called Huez to check if he is back. Nice to know that he was back at the same time. All in all nice break from City and good trip. Like to go back after monsoon to see Sivana Samudram in its fullest.

-Addi the HiWayBlazer.


  1. Yes, even i liked the fish fry there ;)

  2. Looks like u guys are rocking every weekend by visiting places around Bangalore. Rock rock and Rock till u get tired!!

  3. Good post. All the best for ur forthcoming 'Mission Coorg' as well

  4. Good post. All the best for ur forthcoming 'Mission Coorg' as well!!