Friday, September 01, 2006

A Trip to nowhere.

A Trip to nowhere.
Call it obsession or crazy I couldn't pass a weekend without doing a bike trip. That too since our last trip was an one dayer and that too three weeks ago. So why not hit the highway alone? My aim was to break Biru's top speed which was 124. Having identified a cause or an excuse i decided to break his record on saturday.

Saturday I couldnt sleep after 3AM. I was waiting for my alarm to ring at 4:30AM. Atlast the clock decided to ring and next thing is to get ready and leave the house at 5AM. My plan was to take hosur road and ride on till krishnagiri or till I beat Biru's record and come back. As I rode out of the city towards hosur road I was reminding myself that Im riding alone so I should play safer. Reached silk board junction where the road is dusty even at this time of day due to trucks.

The sky was cloudy and was dark. It was little risk to ride faster with all the dust hence stuck with 80km/h till electronic city after which the sun's morning rays started to appear. Its now time to test my machine and put it to its limits. As my bike is clocking 115 km/hr im totally leaning on the tank and all Iam thinking is will my bike go faster. It slowly crossed 120. WOW its 121 now…Yahooo. The road is getting steep down hill with lots of curves. This the perfect time to gain more speed. As I was concentrating on taking the turns without slowing down the speed has gone 128 km/hr which I noticed latter. I screamed like anything as I couldn’t control my feeling of breaking the record. I could nt ride more because of joy. So I stopped to celebrate. The place I stopped looked like a Tamarind Tree groove and its called Sunam Kuttai on the chennai highway. I just hung around in the shades of the trees. It’s a beautiful day. I was sitting alone on the grass and thinking how much more fun it would be if the rest of the hiwayREBELS were with me.

After the break I continued the ride just for fun as the morning was so pleasant with good breeze and calmness all around. It’s a surprise that this chennai road is so deserted. There were few cars that over took me which made me to feel like zooming and wanting to over take them. The three cars were going one behind the other. As I overtook the last two cars the first car started to speed more. This car is speeding at 120km/hr. My bike is now at 120 and just behind the car. As my bike very slowly gaining grownd, I saw a police barricade on the road. I started to slow down a bit. I was surprised that the car didn’t slowdown. I thought that may this guy is a skilled driver and going to go zig zag past the barricades. But I was wrong, the driver slept it seems! He rammed the barricades and one of the barricade flew past me just missing me by a couple of feet. Thanks to God nothing happened to the people in the car.

I was checking my fuel meter which shows almost in reserve. So its time to save some fuel and reach home with the fuel left. I found a small roadside hotel and thought to taste the village food. Had a few dosas and an omelette. Now ready to go home. As I was driving back home I saw tea stalls where we had tea during our trip to yelagiri. Remembered the places where we had taken photos. Also saw the place where Biru was happy that he clocked 124 km/hr speed. It was all like a recap of the fun we had during yelagiri trip. I was doing 70 to 80 km/hr. Didn’t feel like zooming as I was so satisfied with my 128km/hr !!

Bangalore welcomed me with dust and polluted air, and bad roads. As I entered I thought I will share my joy with Rajan and partha. Biru was dying when he heard that I have broke his record and did even more. YAHOOOOOOO...

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