Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kummalam @ Kodaikanal - Photos

Huez enroute to Kodaikanal

hiwayREBELS at SilverCascade

The Kodai Lake

Woods in a valley

Who's this monkey!

Enroute to Palani while returning to bangalore


  1. Always wanted to be in your shoes. Have a Pulsar 150 and based in Bangalore. Have meen to Mekadetu, Nandi Hills and Mandya in my bike. 2 years have gone by since i got it but i have never been able to go for a long ride. Would be visiting your pages again. Also it would be great if you can put a table on some page where you order places in increasing order of distance from bangalore. Thats would be really helpful for planning.

  2. Hello Vivek!

    Thanks for visiting our blog.
    If u r intrested in trips(one day trip or even longer) you are welcome to join us.

    You can subscribe to hiwayrebels Y! Group which we use to communicate.