Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nilgiris - Travelling on the Toy Train

It sure brought out my childhood memories of going to Ooty on the toy train twenty years ago. Not much of a change this time around. Many Coffee (or Tea?) plantations all over. The place seems so beautiful. I'll post those photos latter. But here are some photos I've taken from the Toy Train. The good old steam engine pushed the 4 tiny coaches up the Nilgris allthe way up to Ooty. The Railway charges just Rs 7 for the ride up.
With steep rocky cliffs on one side and deep and scenic valleys on the other, the train huffed and puffed all the way up. One could feel jerks when the engine ramming the wheels with power!
Here you could see the engine being loaded with coal in one of the stations before coonoor.

Steam Power! Water being filled into the tanks to make steam.

One of the stations before Coonoor(name of staion i dont remember). Great views of valleys nearby. Also south indian snaks like vada, bhajji, masala dosa ... all fresh and hot were available at the stalls here.

One of the shots from the train.

After reaching Coonoor the steam engine is replaced with a diesel engine thats more smoother than the good old Steam engine.

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  1. One could feel jerks when the engine ramming the wheels with power!
    the jerks is not because of ramming ..the NMR ( Nilgiri Mountain Railway) has a unique system of rack and pinions which causes the jerking ..check this