Friday, July 01, 2011

Yelagiri and Vanyambadi ride

Here is my ride report of another weeked ride of ours. Last saturday we ventured out to yelagiri a small hill station on the way to Chennai from Bangalore. The things to do and see were kept very simple. Ride and Eat. Also take snaps!

We enjoyed the ride on the superb highway all the way to krishnagiri. From there on we took the Bargur -jolarpet route to reach yelagiri. This route was scenic than the national highway that went all the way to vanyambadi. We were enjoying the ride and the scenic beauty that we forgot to take good snaps. (as if i had taken better snaps earlier!)

We were really blessed with good climate throughout the day. We were 5 of us. There were two cruisers on the gang, making their presence of felt all along with their beats.

Over time i had started liking my p220. May be i have started to not look at its minuses. Just look at it, even when parked it looks as if its doing a 12o km/hr. No seriously. Rubert and myself let our 220s on loose on the highways and we acheived 153 km/hr on the speedo, crouching behind the fairing.

Taming the beast?

Fun was part and parcel of any ride, that to when everyone talks the same language tamil the fun is ultimate, cracking jokes about Vadive's Dubai Adress to actor Vijay's Dr title.

On the base of the the yelagiri hills there were few small scale Brick manufacturers. Its time for a crash course on the subject. No but we ended up taking photos. Now starts the main agenda, ride the hill sections. There were 9 hairpin bends on the hill, if i remember correct. We made chappathis with our motorcycle as Rubert named it. Its been quite some time riding on the hills. And it was really pumping adrenaline.

Four years back i had rode these same roads. That time i was onboard a Pulsar150. Now on a 220 cc Pulsar. What a world of difference! The bike was leaping on the uphill, with reserves of power. I wonder if a 21 bhp motorcycle can be this fun, how much fun to be onboard a Ninja 250R or even a CBR 250R!

The climb up was pretty quick. We explored the small village on top of the hill, riding here and there. I wish we had more. But Yeagiri had very little to offer ideal for a short ride like ours. Its time to plan for something big. May be a Bangalore to Kanyakumari ride. Talks were already on. But its in God's hands what our next trip will be to.

By now we were all hungry. Its 1pm now. Time to fill up our fuel tanks. As planned we headed to Vanyambadi for the infamous biriyani. Vaniambadi is about 20km from yelagiri. A small town on the Chennai - Bangalore highway, is a stop for all Buses crossing the town.

When took our seats in the hotel, the waiter placed the plates for biriyani. He knew what we would order. The food was very good and colourful. I even packed a couple of biriyani for the wife back home.

Having filled our stomachs, its time to roll. Now its time to feed the bikes. Petrol sells in Tamil Nadu for Rs 67.50 about Rs 4 less than that in Bangalore. So why not fill up our tanks full and save a few bucks. Nothing much on our way back, as we took the super highway. I wish trees be planted on the sides of the national highways. We kept good pace uptill Bangalore. It was a good ride, good food and above all good company. So guys where is our next ride?



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