Saturday, May 06, 2006

Do a wheelie

Yo bikies,

Here is how you can perform a wheelie. Its not that hard. Note im talking about lifting the front wheel and not the rear one. I havent done a rear wheelie. But if you wanna know about that you can get that stuff from Biru as he had done that in Yercaud infront of a speeding bus!! Thank God nothing happened other than a wheelie!

Ok now back to business. Sit comfortably on the bike and start the engine and shift to gear 1. Hold the clutch and rev the engine. I tried it in pulsar 150 dtsi. I reved it to 6000 rpm. (at this rpm my bike would go 70km/hr in 5th gear) . Now release the clutch fully in one shot. Your front wheel should've lifted a few inches!

If this didnt work ask your friend to sit on the pillion seat and do the same trick. Using a pillion puts weight on the back wheel thus making firmer contact with the road. It should work now. If it still didnt probably your bike dont have the power for a wheelie.

With a Yamaha RX 100 or Pulsar 180dtsi you can do this with ease. But be careful to do on these bikes as your bike may swing out of your hand!!

A bit of caution when you are trying this for the first time try in lower revs and and then go for higher ones.

Go nuts guys...

Wheelie performed by a professional.

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