Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tune your bike for power or mielage

Hey bikers,

Here is the procedured to tune your bikes power. As a matter of fact when you tune your bike for power you will loose a bit on mielage.

Here is the procedure: Put your bike on center(or straght) stand and start the bike and leave it to idle on neutral gear. Notice that a screw will be mounted on a screw on the carburetter. This screw adjusts the bike's power or mielage. Turn this screw to the right for more power(less mielage) or the left for less power. Only by experience you will be able to perfectly tune for your requirement.

As you turn the screw to right the engine will rev more. If your bike has a rev meter you could see it or you could hear the engine making more noise. While tuning for less power make sure its not too less otherwise the engine will stop during idle.

There are other means of improving engine power like free flow exhausts or hi performance spark plugs but they are not recomended as they will affect the engine's life.

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