Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why you ride?

Being a passionate rider myself, sometimes I could not answer my dad when he asks me why im so crazy to ride for long distance instead of touring on a car.

So what makes us to ride for long distances. Surely touring on bikes is not a comfortable mode. Put your thoughts on "Why you ride?" as comments to this post.

All comments will be latter consolidated as an article and published.


  1. I feel riding bikes for long distances is not just enjoying the beauty of nature but also a way of rediscovering your inner self...

    After a few miles of deserted highways and dry vegetation around...
    all one can think of is his life,his sorrows,dreams,his acheivements...

    and it longer remains a ride to the get away place you wanna reach but a ride for free your mind from all the pains and frustrations...

  2. Some of my excuses for riding a bike are:
    Its primarily because of the rush of adrenaline it gives when the wind whistles in my ears.
    You get a better view of the world when you are on a bike than on a car. So you get more interaction with the sights and the sounds of the place you visit.

  3. a poem...:)

    I know where I have to be...
    I know the way,
    With life in my hand I leave,
    To see the world in an open way,

    I control my destiny,
    I control the speed,
    All the cars envy me,
    Since I define gravity indeed.

    I leave the roads burning,
    I am in par with Mother Earth,
    If only people stop worrying,
    to things that never occur.