Friday, January 12, 2007

I am not a crazy traveller

Triggered by Huez a few weeks ago, I started to wonder as to why I became so crazy about travelling? Why I had been doing so many trips continuously for almost a year? Here is my search to find the answers.

It is not only the rush of excitment and joy in a trip but almost everything associated with it. Right from deciding the place, gathering people, planning, servicing the bike, waiting for the D day and most of all the moment when I tie the bag on my bike and start it.

It is the start of a journey. A journey through places, people and culture. Most of all, a journey through moments.

Moments spend riding the bike, zooming on the hiways, twisting and curling on the ghats, bending on the turns and zipping past other wheels.

Moment spent on roads, T shops and local dhabas. Moments spent inside a dense rainforest, on the peaks n above the clouds, under a waterfall or just beside a stream. Moments spent at a campfire, listening night time stories or gazing at twinkling stars on a clear moonlit night.

Or just a moment of utter peace. Sitting and watching the rains in Aagumbe. Everything around is so clear,calm,peaceful and pure. No doubt, Nature in it's most beautiful form can cleanse the soul.

Moment to last a lifetime. Moments which make up my journey and my life. So guys, I am not a crazy traveller. I just live the moments. After all life itself is a journey.

I would like to thank Hubert for giving all these lovely moments. Thanks for starting it all and always being there buddy.


  1. Really awesome piece of writing dude. Hope we continue to share the pleasure of biking/travelling with each other's company...

  2. Infact we kindled eachother's passion for travelling. Its been a wonderful year. Thanks to Addi, Biru, Varun, Rajan, Ankur and Mudit.