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We're commin back - Ride report of Day 3

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Its Independance day today! Lets celebrate by riding free. Its 8am, 15th August 2011. My brother and myself are at our parent's place at Trissur. Having had a sound sleep we are now ready to get back to bangalore on four wheels. I wish we had another day to spend with our parents. Anyways time start back to Bangalore. For the return we have chosen the route via Guddalur. We also wanted to ride up to Ooty, but since we cant fit it comfortably in a day's ride we left Ooty for another bike trip.

We waved bye to our parents, we started off. Rubert, being familiar of the place, took the lead towards Shoranur. The roads are narrow and almost always there are houses on the highway everywhere. Slowly the civilization ended and the ghat sections started. Wow, the twisty roads are everywhere here.

As always we had kept our head lights on. We got a billions of hand signals from pedestrians, people in the car and everywhere saying that our head lights are on. Why are they so concerned that my lights are on?

Being the Independence day, we thought we should wear the flag. We searched for a shop selling our national flag and finally found a shop in a village. We bought a few flags and stuck them on our motorcycles. We also gave away some flags to the children in the village. After saying Vande Matharam, we started rolling. Just as it was on day 1 of our ride there was no rain today. Its amazing our silly prayers are answerd by God. I thanked God for a rain free day as I rode through the lush greenery filled twisty sections of the hills God created.

Our mom had made a litre of black coffee. Time to drink some. Ahaa hiwayRebels Cafe. Anywhere any time. After enjoying a refreshing drink, Rubert checked up with the locals for the route towards Guddalur. Did I mention Rubert speaks good Malayalam! We still have about 70 km to Guddalur.

Typical Kerala houses show up regularly on the way. Another thing seen everywhere are coconut grooves. Our eyes are filled with green. Iam in love with the places. Ideas of owning a farm house popped up. If God willing let that happen! Suddenly I realized i have left my saddle bag open. This is the third time i left it open. But thank Jesus nothing had fallen off any of the time i did forget to lock it.

Its 12:30 Pm and the tramac improved. I was wondering why such a Race track quality road in the middle of the forest. But least did we thought there is a awesome section of twisties that is going to assault us. The roads reminded me of the Isle Of Man TT. We were totally enjoying each and every curve on the road. I wish they close public traffic on these roads and conduct races on these roads just like the Isle Of Man TT.

Its been a while I rode these kinds of twisties. I realized I need to brush up on my skill on knee scrapping. The roads are soo for the bikers who want to scrape their foot pegs. At times there were coffee(or tea?) plantations that feasted our eyes. We stopped for some snaps here and there. After having some coffee and energy bars we rolled off again towards Guddalur.

At the junction near Guddalur the road going left takes you to Mudumalai and then to karnataka. The road going right takes you to Ooty. After having lunct in Guddalur took the left turn and continued towards Mudumalai.

Soon we were at Mudumalai. We encountered a herd of elephants on the road. Man thats scary. But the beautiful beasts were as calm as a baby. I wish I have taked a few snaps of the creatures. We also spotted deers. I wish they weren't endangered. Then we could make a barbeque in the forest!

Now we are in Bandipur part of the reserved forest. Mudumalai part was more green than the Bandipur. Why? Is it because Veerappan kept Mudumalai free from civilization? After a quick break for some more coffee and photo shoots we rode as if there is no tomorrow.

As we came near Mysore the traffic on the roads started growing. Mostly cars. Like us many people are returing to the concrete jungle after their weekend vacation. On crossing Mysore the highway is packed with cars. Thank God the traffic is moving at steady 90-100 km/hr.

As we were coming close to Bangalore, I knew this is one trip to cherish though its a short one. We have done too many things in just 3 days. We got a chance to surprice our parents. They were having one of the surprises of their life time? Dad did joined us on his motorcycle to Chavakkad. Above all its was a time for brothers' time to bond.

We reached our homes by 9PM with a feeling of contentment of doing a good trip and thanking God for taking care of us all the way. What could be next? May be a trip to Kanyakumari and return back through the coastal kerala? May be.

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