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We're home - Ride report of Day 2

Here I am, Rubert, posting my 1st blog. Thanks to Hubert who gave access to post about Day 2 of our ride home. 
Church Alter
I setup my alarm at 6 to wake up and get ready. Because it’s Sunday and the mass is at 7.30 am. Looks like I was so tired that I didn’t even hear it screaming. Then someone was calling my name and I opened my eyes and it was Hubert waking me up. We all got ready and took dad’s car and went to church.
The actual plan is to go to church on bikes and then from there leave directly to Chavakkad beach. But we went grocery and meat shopping and went home as it was late. Mom was preparing amazing lunch and Hubert and I went to fix my bike. I learnt how to change the front disc brake. Thanks to Hubert again. By the time we finished it; it was lunch time and had delicious lunch. Thanks to mom for all the effort which she put in making it.
Installing Front Disk Pads
Now it’s almost 2:30 pm and we decided to leave to Chavakkad beach. We all got ready and we started rolling. The best part is my Dad was on Avenger and my mom was his pillion. This is the best part because after 12 years I’m seeing mom as pillion. 
Dad riding Avenger. Mom Pillion.
BTW, above is not effects. Thats how my mobile took when riding!
As soon as we were off the HI way, the roads became awesome, curvy and the nature put-up its best display. Lakes were overflowing (due to recent rain) and the roads were slightly covered with water between lakes.
Lake behind our mean Machines!

Another Lake View.

BTW, I managed to click some pic’s using my mobile while riding (please don’t hate me for doing this when riding. I did this coz I wanted to take pic’s of my parents when on bike). Also I was careful enough not to harm anyone or myself (man, it’s time to buy a helmet cam which I’ve been planning for some time now).
The ride lasted for an hour if I’m right and we reached the beach. We parked and entered and it was awfully crowded which we didn’t like. We sat there and took some snaps and had chats.

At the Beach

Mom Tryin to take her own pic!

Some serious talk???
Then we decided to ride a little further and find a peaceful beach where no one or less people gathered. As we rode we saw wall rising at the edge and we stopped by at a place and asked people around to know whether any beach is available somewhere around. Bad luck! they said there’s none other than Chavakkad. But still we rode about 2 km and below is what we found - Thottapoo (thank God).

Found the right place. It's on the other side of the road
This was a peaceful place where we saw few huge fishes surfacing to gasp air, no one around and the water slamming on the wall of rock. Latter we were accompanied by few youngsters who were playing around.

Can't get to the water as these rocks are slippery.
Mom brought few snacks and we had it while watching the awesome display of the Arabian. Then we took some pics of our bikes and with mom and dad.

Covering mom with his Camera

Mom ridng Avenger!

The 3 Bajajeers
Me on the slippery Rocks. Man it was scary.
Now the sun started to settle down and we though we will leave home. After 15 mins or so we had to turn on our lights as it was becoming darker. The traffic was very less until we reached the HI way and then we were home. Thank God for bringing us back home safe. All the way dad topped 60kmph and I loved it.
It was dinner time when we reached home and had parottas. It was a good family get-together. Off to sleep.
The Making of "The Parotta".

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